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Volunteering with RLL

Are you interested in volunteering with Robbinsdale Little League? We require that any adult with consistent interaction with players pass a background check. We also ask that at least two coaches from each team complete training on concussions. For consideration, please fill out the Volunteer Form and return it to current Safety Coordinator

Robbinsdale Little League Volunteer Requirements

Majors and A- families are responsible to fill three concessions shifts for each participating player.  B- families are responsible to fill two concessions shifts for each participating player.  

There is a family maximum of five (5) concessions shifts.

The Manager each team will have five (5) concessions shifts waived.  They will not have any concessions requirements; however, they will be responsible for end of season tournament field prep.  The Manager should identify and communicate who the one designated assistant coach is to the Volunteer Coordinator.

designated Assistant Coach will have three (3) concessions shifts waived.  The designated Assistant Coach needs to be specifically identified by the Manager.  Just because you helped with the team does not mean you are the designated assistant coach.  This discussion should happen at the beginning of the season as your manager will need to communicate this information to the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Team Reps will have one (1) shift waived.

Robbinsdale LL Board members will have five (5) concessions shifts waived per season (since it is a year round commitment).

Little League Age Calculator

Click the following link to find out your player's little league age:

The player's little league age is used to determine how many pitches they may throw in a game, whether they are eligible to continue to play (Little league is up to age 12), and which league they would typically play in.

Bats allowed by Little League: Please check the following website for a list of allowed bats in Little League.  The rules are always changing, so it is a good idea to check before investing in a bat.

Little League concussion information  - Little League takes concussions very seriously.  Click the following line for information on Minnesota's law and a tutorial course.  The RLL coaches are required to take a course on concussions and will take the safety of your player very seriously.

Little League resources for Parents - Little League provides newsletters for parents with a variety of information: